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AlES – Orion Videowall Project 


In September 2011 Energy RK LLP made a decision to set up control board for AlES JSC head office. As part of this project, specialists of Energy RK LLP set up control panel based on the Orion hardware. Its purpose is to display telesignalization and telemetering parameters and to register operators’ activity in dispatch control system with use of AlES JSC SCADA system. 

Videowall consists of 20 LCD modules. Information is displayed in alphanumeric and graphic form. This provides ability to scale and detail the displayed data, based on different scenarios. To display information without original data loss and to depict images in multi-screen mode, we used real-time graphics and Datapath Vision800 video controller.

Dispatch board based on "Orion" equipment used by AlES JSC is primarily a visualization tool of complex processes occurring in the power system. Fixed panel simplifies work of dispatchers and helps them in their hard work. Moreover, this option is the best value-for-money.