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Phone Systems


OpenStage phones have a unique ability to integrate with a variety of devices, which gives access to various services and applications, and in this case are user-friendly.
OpenStage models were originally designed to be as user-friendly as possible and simple to use when introducing new features. Touch interfaces are based on advanced technologies (touch keys, coloured LEDs, Touch Slidertouch volume control, Touchscreen Navigation TouchGuide), and a large LCD color graphic display with backlight and adjustable angle make it easy to use the phone.
Freely programmable touch keys with ability to show its functions on display can be easily programmed to specific phone functions, access to a particular telephone line, function, or speed dial by name. OpenStage phones are an ideal option for office use, with mobility and flexibility being important factors.

OpenStage TDM-telephones includes five different models:

OpenStage 80T 
OpenStage 60T
OpenStage 40T 
OpenStage 20T 
OpenStage 10T

OpenStage 10 T

OpenStage 10 T is a phone equipped with only the most crucial phone features. Telephone is suitable for use in guest areas and warehouses.

 • Keys 
3 free programmed keys with red LED indicator;
Lour-speaker key with red LED indicator;
Control keys+/-.

 • Acoustics
3 cattle phone;
Suitable phone mounting.

OpenStage 20 T

The best option for highly efficient and professional telephony. It’s a fully functional phone with an easy and interactive user interface.

 • Display
Two-line display, monochrome, graphical display with adjustable angle of incline.

 • Keys
7 keys with preset functions (some with red LED indicators);
Control keys +/-; 
positional navigator.

 • Acoustics
Full duplex speaker phone.

OpenStage 40 T

Configurable to any workplace, OpenStage phones are suitable for offices with mobile work stations, as well as for working in groups and for call-center staff.

 • Display
 36-line graphical monochrome display with back-light and adjustable angle of incline
optical alarm call.

 • Keys
8 fixed function keys (partly with red LED indicators);
6 free programmable touch keys (with illumination) and red LED indicators (function keys, speed dial keys and switch lines);
Control keys+/- ;
5-position navigator.

 • Acoustics
Full duplex speaker phone.

 • Interfaces
Headphone jack;
Wall mount options.

OpenStage 60 T and 80 T

OpenStage 60 T                                                                          OpenStage 80 T

OpenStage 60 T

Excellent, innovative features, combined with maximum ease of use. Functionality of this phone and personalization options make it the best one among Boss-Secretary phones; it is well suited for people who use other devices such as mobile phones or PDA.

OpenStage 80 T

OpenStage 80 T has such features as OpenStage 60 T. Its exceptional properties, first-rate materials and components make this phone unique. Open interfaces for easy synchronization with other devices such as PDA and mobile phone, specifically designed to meet the requirements of senior managers.

 • Display
 LCD graphic colour display (320х240pixels) QVGA, with adjustable angle and back-light,
optical alarm call.

• Keys
8 fixed function keys (with back-light) with blue LED indicators, speed dial key and line shift-key;
6 sensor keys с fixed functions for regime switch (with back-light) and blue or blue/white LED indicators;
Touch Slider touch volume control with blue/white LED indicators
TouchGuide sensor navigator. 

 • Acoustics
Full duplex speaker-phone;
High-quality ring tones.

 • Interfaces
Headset jacks; 
Bluetooth ;
 USB master-port;
Requires external power supply.

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