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                  Hipath DAKS Audio Conference Options

The good old times when phone systems were needed only for making or receiving calls are long gone.  Built on the basis of HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000, HiPath DAKS communication platform is equipped with various functions:

 • Notification

Important information can be immediately sent to individual users or entire groups by phone or by using a test message

 • Personal Safety

People who work by themselves in hazardous conditions should regularly make a call on their DECT – phones;  this will help to ensure that the employee is safe. An employee also can use emergency call function.

 • Proper positioning

Working together with the positioning server, HiPath DAKS can determine position of DECT-subscriber in the HiPath corporate network.

 • E-mail / text messages services for system phones

Various information such as work orders, or messages on various system failures can be sent to phone users.

 • Conference calls, including Web-based ones.

Ability to spontaneously organize conferences can be very important in a variety of crisis situations.

 • Announcements and monitoring services

Both pre-recorded and "live" messages can be simultaneously transferred to a large audience.

 • Single Number Service

Single Number Service allows calling multiple users with different numbers by dialing only one number.

 • Group calls

All team members can be called simultaneously through a single number.

         Congress and Alliance Audio Conference Options

We are happy to offer two systems for audio conferencing and teleconferencing: Congress and Alliance. Equipment is differentiated by its functions and geared towards customers with various financial capabilities.  

Systems are designed as a separate module connected to a digital ATS through PRI E-DSS1 and allows conducting meetings with 20-120 participants.  

The difference between Congress and Alliance from CTI-developments is the fact that these conference bridges have protection against interruption of conference or computer reload (the equipment continues operating independently). So a meeting will not get interrupted even if a computer system fails. In this case conference can be controlled from a phone until the system is back on or your PC is restarted (after that current state of the conference is automatically restored on the screen).  

Congress is an advanced, high-tech, multifunctional system designed to satisfy the most demanding customers who are used to using the latest technical gadgets and making vital decisions quickly.  Number of conference participants can be up to 120.  

Alliance is a powerful advanced equipment, ideal in value-for- money respect; its basic and additional features will meet satisfy majority of our potential customers. Number of conference participants can be up to 120.

Pluses of these conference systems:


Effectiveness of enterprise management is increased due to saving time and money on meetings; ability to make decisions promptly.
Your costs are recovered in about one years time. 

Ability to send out alert messages (internal, external, including mobile phones).  


Easy-to-understand interface.
Display of all subscribers status on PC screen.
Subscribers management with one click (keyboard, mouse, console, TA, touch screen monitor).  

Alliance and Congress systems are created on the basis of technology of embedded real-time systems based on creation of a separate hardware and software modules, with no ties to an industrial computer.
Hardware and software design is implemented by one producer.

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