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Orion videowalls

Energy RK company offers videowalls constructed on the basis of "Orion" seamless plasma panels.
The main purpose of a big outdoor screen is to provide dynamic visual information to the audience. According to the latest psychological research results, human brain can process unlimited amount of this information.


One type of videowalls is a modular kind, which is built out of screen-based Orion plasma panels. Modular principle allows to create videowalls of any sizes. There are videowalls estimated at dozens and even hundreds of square meters.  


The main purpose of videowalls  is to display information on a large screen for collective viewing in a variety of automation control systems. Videowalls are used quite often in areas where it is necessary to establish operational control of continuously incoming information, and in cases when responsibility for management decisions [made is the area of energy, transport, telecommunications, industrial, security systems, financial management] is extremely high. Videowall are installed in control and situational centers, control rooms, boardrooms, financial markets, etc.

 ORION PDP_201105(Ver6)