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Why do we need a billing system?

As a rule, medium and large enterprises have their own ATS, which link employees within the company and provide access to a city line, long-distance and international telephone networks, which link employees within the company.

Quite often internal means of communication [used within a company] come practically free of charge for an enterprise, but local, long distance and international calls must be paid for , and quite often they are pricey.

Planning its activity and distribution of finances, any company is planning costs for telephone services. What do we do to stay within planned budget for telephone communication? Which divisions and employees run up telephone bills the most? How do we distinguish among hundreds of calls the ones that were made for work purposes from the ones that were personal but made at expense of the company? Are the telephone bills justified or these expenses could be reduced?

These are common questions that managers deal with. The use of Tariscope billing system tackles these problems and allows to gather significant amount of extra information related to telephone calls.

What are the benefits of Tariscope system?             

Software modules that are a part of Tariscope billing system

Tariscope billing system consists of the following modules:

 •  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine.  Instead of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine Tariscope user can either use a different package of SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft), or SQL Server 2008 (Microsoft);
 • Tariscope Database connected to Microsoft SQL Server;
 •  "Console Configuration" programme;
 •  CDR Recasting programme;
 •  CDR Monitor programme;
 •  Reports generating programme;
 •   CDR Observer service;
 •  Tariscope Compare programme;
 •  Scheduler service;
 •  Tariscope NetFlow Collector service;
 •  Tariscope CallExport (TSCallExport) service;
 •  Utility of remote script execution (TsSwitch);
 •  Utility of database recovery (tsDBRestore);
 •  Utility of database calls import of MTS cellular communication (formerly UMC, Ukraine) to Tariscope database (tsUMCImport);
 •  Ulitity of Ukrtelecom cellular operator database import to Tariscope database (tsUkrtel2007Import, tsDBFImport);
 •  Utility Golden Telecom (Ukraine) operator database import to Tariscope database (tsGT2007Import);
 •  Utility of connection of Tariscope database to Microsoft SQL server;
 •  Utility of password change for use with the "sa" login (tsPwdChange) ;
 •  Utility for e-mail sending (SendMail2);
 •  Utility for database update (tsDBUpdate).

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