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Audio conference solutions.

Organization of audio conference on SIEMENS AG (Germany) equipment through a Daks System.

HiPath Daks provides the following services:

• Alert
• Personal Safety
• Exact positioning
• E-mail/Text phones services for the system phones
• Conference calls, including Web-based
• Announcement Services
• Monitoring Services
• Single Number Service
• Group calls

Audio conference organization based on conference bridge of the Congress system (Russia, «Telros» equipment).
Congress system is performed as a separate module that connects to any digital PBX via PRI E-DSS1, and allows holding meetings with 20 -120 participants.
Software and hardware is fully developed on their own (as opposed to hardware based on Computer Telephone Integration - CTI), which guarantees its complete compatibility. Moreover, element bases of leading world manufacturers are used: Intel, Mitel, National Semiconductors and others that guaranties security of systems from failure.
This causes the main difference between the Congress and the CTI-developments: TELROS conference system has implemented protection against interruption of the conference in case of PC crashs or shutdowns (the equipment continues to operate independently). Accordingly, a meeting is not interrupted, even when your computer fails: in this case conference management continues with the phone till PC reseting or rebooting (after this current state of the conference is automatically restored on the screen).

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