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The Open Scape Voice system

 Provides faster communication and improvement of collaboration with the help of Open Scape Voice. The worlds only enterprise-class softswitch based on SIP protocol. 
OpenScape Voice allows you to provide voice services from a central information processing center, just as the services of other business applications, thereby significantly reducing your cost: generally more than 20%. At the same time, you can provide the same set of full features and provide the same skills across your network.
This solution has a unique open architecture of carrier-grade softswitch based on SIP protocol, which forms the basis for Universal Communications and provides advanced set of features. This solution is ideal for medium and large companies, as well as for managed service-class service providers.
OpenScape Voice supports a smooth transition of your network to Open Communications - for one user, group of users, department, branch or the entire network, in any case, providing investment protection. When deploying provision of voice services within a large enterprise, the solution has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the best possible return on investment (ROI). Finally, this solution is built on a SOA platform / web services for easy and effective integration of business processes.
Cloud telephony based on Open Scape Voice.
You build a Data Proccessing Center (DPC), but do not know how to get the maximum ROI from it?
Many companies have already built their own DPC’s, while others are just beginning. If you face problems such as: efficient use of DPC capacity, reduction of the corporate communication cost, increasing the flexibility of communication services, then the solution of your problems is CLOUD TELEPHONY offered by Siemens Enterprise Communications - provision of corporate communications from the “cloud”. The solution is based on a unique Softswitch OpenScape platform, which received an award in the 2010 at the VoiceCon trade show in Orlando, USA.
CLOUD TELEPHONY can be deployed in a virtualized environment, as well as on dedicated servers base.
One of the unique advantages of CLOUD TELEPHONY from SEC is the possibility of using a single Open Scape Voice solution by several organizations - multi-tenancy. However each organization receives its virtual communication system, possessing all the OSV feautures, and has the ability to completely manage it on their own. Whereas ensuring complete security and isolation of organizations from each other.
Siemens Enterprise Communications offers its solution of CLOUD TELEPHONY telecom and hosting for providers for the provision of services to corporate clients from the DPC, as well as to large organizations that operate their own DPC’s.

Benefits of using CLOUD TELEPHONY for large enterprises:

• The ability to radically reduce the CAPEX while deploying solutions;
• Predictable linear cost of ownership (OPEX);
• Reduction of costs for the use of inter-city and international access;
• Integration of business applications to the corporate communications system;
• A wide range of corporate functions, including the "boss-secretary", "team management" and "interruption of the conversation";
• A client for mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad;
• Protection of existing investments through centralized management of the existing PABX with OpenScape Voice.

Benefits of using CLOUD TELEPHONY for service providers and hosting providers:

• Expanding the range of services to the Customers;
• Competitive pricing for communications services;
• Reduced cost of ownership;
• Ideal scalability of the solution;
• Availability of the System for Operational-Investigative Activities SOIA based on modern requirements.

For ease of use of the CLOUD TELEPHONY solution, Siemens Enterprise Communications offers two payment models:

• for a license;
• monthly fee;
• Pilot Solutions Kit with full functionality is available at the lowest price.

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