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Hardware-software complex of a corporate telephone system

We offer Hardware-software complex of corporate telephone network on the basis of equipments manufactured by SIEMENS AG (Germany) via ATC Siemens HiPath 4000 V5.0 base station and AP 3700 IP access points.
HiPath 4000 is a converged IP communications platform for the companies with 300 - 100 000 users. Reliability and intensity functions of the HiPath 4000, daily show themselves on more than 25,000 systems installed. Modern and designed for the future architecture supports distributed through IP solutions, complex corporate networks, as well as stand-alone systems.
HiPath 4000 V5 is an ideal solution for the communications infrastructure of the enterprise - regardless of size, and location of the company. Thanks to the modularity, the presence of stackable access points, an organization of communications in the branches only through software, together with strong support of networks - analog, TDM or IP - HiPath 4000 V5 is an excellent solution for a phased development.
As part of the HiPath 4000 is communication server - a central control unit. This is a standard server, and therefore it supports direct integration of corresponding standard server applications in the system, such as MMCS (Opposing conferences server). AP 3700 Access Points are installed to a standard 19-inch rack and are integrated directly to the IT infrastructure. New application HiPath 4000 SoftGate offers a software way of organizing communications in branch offices, working on HiPath 4000, using a standard x86 server platform.
HiPath 4000 communications server can be flexibly applied in the configuration with support from the smallest to the largest enterprise networks. HiPath 4000 supports up to 15 direct connection access points and 83 IP-distributed access points or SoftGate branches. In such configurations, HiPath 4000 communication server supports up to 12,000 users. Configurations, supporting up to 100,000 users, can be easily implemented without additional complexities in network systems.
The modular structure of HiPath 4000 also includes a cost-effective solutions of duplication and recovery system after crashes, which can be implemented in small and medium-sized configurations.

Emergency concept of access points

This is a concept of resiliency of access points running over IP. AP 3700 IP Access Point can be equipped with optional additional control device, known as Resiliency Module. If the HiPath 4000 central communication server is unavailable or IP connection with the server could not be established, Resiliency Module takes control of its own access point, as well as other access points or SoftGate servers, which does not have their own Resiliency Module. In this case, IP-infrastructure between the access points must be efficient. However, all AP 3700 IP (up to 83 pcs.) connected to HiPath 4000 communication server can be equipped with Resiliency Module, thus creating highly reliable solution.

Separation of Signaling and payload

 It is possible to direct a payload to the IP access points through the PSTN and alarm through a WAN or the PSTN. This function is used as a dynamic alternative routing, in case the WAN link is not available, designated VoIP-resources are busy or the quality of IP networks has dropped. You can also use a static configuration of direction of the payload through the PSTN for the phased transfer of existing branches from PSTN to IP network. This flexible combination of IP and TDM networks for the transmission of the payload with the best opportunities for signaling, allow the transition from heterogeneous to homogeneous structure of a distributed network with the installation of centralized applications upon the Customers request. Separation of signaling and payload allows achieving maximum flexibility in optimizing operational costs (OPEX) - in any market or communication environment. 

Communication Server of Recovery after breakdowns

It is possible to set backup HiPath 4000 communication server. In the case of total damage of the main HiPath 4000 server (for example, due to flood, fire...), the backup server will take over all functions of the main communication server. The system administrator will have complete control, which is an essential component of crisis management. In conjunction with the emergency operation mode EO, options of backup HiPath 4000 processor and the HiPath Fault Management application, this Recovery after breakdown function can guarantee the highest daily continuity of your business.

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