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Radio communication of DECT standard


We offer Organization of Dect radio standard on the SIEMENS AG (Germany) HiPath Cordless equipment with Gigaset M2 Professional subscriber stations. Base stations form the radio cells and communicate with wireless terminal devices (cordless handsets). They are connected via 1, 2 or 3 UP0/E system-dependent interfaces to the radio switch - the HiPath 4000 special interface card or via 1 UP0/E interface directly to the control system (the motherboard). Type of connection depends on the version of the system. Thus, up to 12 simultaneous calls (with connection via 3 UP0/E interfaces) through one base station can be carried out. Gigaset M Professional Cordless handsets specially designed for industrial zones offer excellent digital quality of speech signal, a high degree of protection against eavesdropping and distant range of operation (up to 50 meters indoor and up to 300 meters outside). These handsets are inexpensive and efficient for use. Four-line display, menu selection keyboard and tips provide a high level of comfort and convenience. Another advantage is secure access to the entire cordless system: the users who have wireless phones of other manufacturers will not be able to connect to the system, since access is managed centrally. Cordless handsets allow you to make phone calls throughout the radio coverage. You can use the functions of HiPath 4000 communication system with it, moving through th territory (switching, consultations, conferences, etc.). This system successfully operates in the «KEGOC» Company, in case of need we can get feedback and recommendations. игровые автоматы вулкан демо игра