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SAF Tehnika is among the worlds top microwave carrier-class point-to-point radio manufacturers, publicly traded in NASDAQ, ISO certified, covering spectrum 300MHz-38GHz and licence-free 5.8MIMO, 17 and 24GHz with capacities up to 720Mbps full-duplex. SAF radios correspond to standards of ETSI, FCC and Industry Canada.
SAF Tehnika is committed toward providing strong focus on both the production and delivery of customer-adapted wireless solutions at a competitive price and highest standards of quality. SAF Tehnika recognizes its strengths in terms of the products we design, produce and repair, all of which are undertaken within the same HQ in Europe. This culminates in a perfect understanding of our entire equipment range and as the sole vendor delivering these products we have the flexibility to adapt solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  
SAF Tehnika provides affordable IP-based, PDH and SDH Data Microwave Solutions. Our wireless systems are commonly used for both public and private networks and they are perfect for voice and data communications. Equipment supports different types of traffic like E1, Ethernet and V.35. All traffic types can be configured in different point-to-point network topologies and protection schemes - due to this network becomes very flexible. IP-based, SDH and PDH equipment is used in backbone networks as well as in mobile backhaul networks. SAF Tehnika wireless systems can be used not only in mountainous and woodland areas, where it is expensive or impossible to deploy wires, but also as cost-effective alternatives to wired solutions in urban areas. Flexibility and easy installation of SAF Tehnika equipment makes it preferable for Cellular, Fixed, ISP, Corporate, Local Government and other private or public network.

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