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Customer Personnel Training


In addition to implementation of our main tasks and providing full range of services, we offer training to our clients and customer personnel. We have all the needed resources for that:  


• Our own service centre

• Our own training centre

• Qualified personnel.


We are happy to furnish you with a training schedule-2012 with sessions conducted on topics such as Hicom-300/E/H Office and Industrial Telephone Exchange, HiPath 400, OpenScapeVoice IP station. The course covers basic principles you’ll need to master for running our equipment and practical part (hands-on-training).


General information on the courses:


Venue: Energy RK LLP, Almaty

Maximum number of students: 5

Minimum number of students: 1

Course duration - 40 hours


Discounts are provided when your company signs up more than one person for training


• 2 people - 10%

• 3 people - 15%

• 4-5 people – 20%


The course consists of:


• Training session duration: 9 am - 6 pm

• Lunch

• Study materials


Specialized courses are provided upon request. As an alternative, our trainers can conduct training sessions on customers’ premises.