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 Our Values


Our purpose is to promote further development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Aim: We help employees of Kazakhstan industrial and energy sectors improve their work through ensuring reliable and convenient means of communication.
We are convinced that:
1.   Care for our clients needs is the basis of our existence and development. We implement projects that we deem to be beneficial. We do not go back on the promises we made.

2.   Each supervisor is a self-contained leader of his cell, a leader who people can trust and rely on.
3.   We can achieve our goals only when we work as a team. We aim to assign activities to each employees in such a way that it would correspond with their vocation. A person who does his job well can attain highly-set goals.

4.  We can be effective only when we establish clear paths of communication, both internally and externally, based on belief in our values and unity of the team.

5.   We trust and respect everyone we are working with, and it is the key to our success.
6.   We strive to achieve high efficiency. Profit is a measure of our efficiency and benefits received by our business customers, employees, managers, shareholders and society.

7.  We are honest with ourselves and the people we work with.

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